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video surveillance Systems


 Statewide Alarms can design a simple single  camera and a monitor system to a Complex Video  Surveillance system with multiple cameras. A good  Video Surveillance systems has many benefits for  your Home or Business. 

 Advances in Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) technology  are turning surveillance equipment into the most  valuable loss prevention, safety/security tool  available today for anyone with a Business or a  Family to protect.

 The use of a Video Surveillance System can provide  you with an important record of events in identifying  and apprehending thieves and vandals. The  prevention of one crime would possibly pay for the  Video Surveillance system.

 We offer a full selection of CCTV equipment,  including:

     -Video cameras

     -Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

     -Motion cameras

     -Hidden cameras

     -Remote Viewing Via High-Speed Internet  Connection