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 - Test Your System Quarterly

 - Panel Batteries are Good for 4-5yrs

 - Anytime you have phone work done  always test your system before the  Verizon or Comcast Technician leaves

 - No Balloons left in rooms with Motion  Detectors

 - Make sure everyone that uses the Alarm  System is aware of the Cancellation code

 If we keep these few simple things in  mind we can ensure that your System is in  good working order and help prevent false  alarms.


 We are always available for support with  your system 24/7. Either Click the Link on  this page to setup a service appointment  or you can call (410)-592-5882.

 If you need a User Manual just click the  button when the new page opens just  select your touchpad.

 Important Numbers:

                - Service (410)-592-5885

                - Central Station 1(800)-356-2222