Home audio / home  theatre

 Home Audio: Whether you're entertaining  or just relaxing at home, it's wonderful to  have music wherever you want it. Enjoy  music in any room or even outdoors.  Speakers can be mounted in walls or  ceilings controlled by volume controls or  keypads in each room. Let us design a  system specifically for you carefully  considering your home's layout and  performance requirements.


 Home Theatre: Why go to the Theatre  when you can have the Theatre in your  basement or Great Room. We can custom  design a home theatre experience that  will blow your socks off with nearly 20  years of experience you will think that it is  happening right in front of you. We use  only high quality name brand components  in such a way to give you an experience  like no other.

 Structured wiring Systems

 Why wire for today when you can wire for the future?  Structured  wiring is a smart method of wiring providing  communications for  your home in an organized way. It provides  a solution to your  present and future needs by integrating  video, satellite,  telephone, data, home audio and intercom  wiring. Unlike  traditional wiring where everything is daisy-  chained together,  everything now is directly run from each  room to a main  communication cabinet inside your home.  Inside the cabinet is a  series of appropriate modules which will  integrate your system.

 Inside Your Communication Cabinet:

 - Home office Need (Telephone/Fax/Internet/Television)

 - Entertainment Needs(Music, Sound, and Video)

 - Network Modules

 - Intercom Modules

 -Phone Modules

 -Audio Modules