Popular System Add-ons

 Smoke Detectors: Store-bought smoke detectors are only  as good as the batteries in them. By allowing us to install  hardwired smoke detectors with a central, supervised  battery back-up, your family will be alerted immediately at  the first detection of smoke. Smoke detectors we install  are  on duty 24 hours a day, whether your security alarm is  on  or off. And with our 24-hour monitoring we can dispatch  the  local fire department immediately.

 Carbon Monoxide Detectors: With recent tragedies  related to the silent but deadly effects of carbon monoxide  poisoning, it is imperative that families protect themselves  with the surest method available. We offer hardwired  carbon  monoxide detectors, monitored 24 hours a day,  with direct  link to medical help if needed.

 We also offer additional Environmental detectors:
     -Flood Detector

     -Gas Detector

     -HI/LO Temperature Detector

 Personal Safety:

 Panic Buttons and Medical Emergency Alert  Systems: You or your loved ones should never be  in a situation in which you cannot get to a  telephone for a medical or other emergency. Our  medical emergency alert and panic alarm systems  assure your safety and security 24 hours a day. If  police or medical help is needed, they will be  dispatched immediately. 

 residential services

  Our professional team will design the ideal residential  system to address your security needs. We will evaluate  your home, ask questions about your security  requirements and make recommendations that protect your  family, your home and your possessions. Some of the  features available to you include:Burglar and Fire Alarms:  Help prevent devastating fire or break-ins with our state-of-  the-art security systems. Coupled with our professionally-  managed monitoring service, you get vigilant protection, 24  hours a day, 365 days a year..